Our Support Sites

The following gospel ministry Support Sites have been developed to further the mission of The Cross Current.

Gospel Health Report

Our free church discipleship resource that provides leaders and members with their own health diagnosis in several critical categories related to gospel ministry.

Equipping Evangelists

Our coaching and conference ministry dedicated to equipping evangelists in their own churches to equip their own saints for the work of gospel ministry together.

Biblical Conversations Curriculum

Our online personal witness training system designed to equip average Christians of all ages to simply open Scripture and confidently advance and give a defense for the gospel.

GO Teams Media

Our “ground-breaking” gospel media ministry of young adults connecting church and culture in gospel conversation around news and current events that matter most.

The Equipping Evangelist podcast

Our intensely practical audio/video podcast with our Founding President, Cory McKenna, to share his experience and expertise for equipping your entire church for evangelism together.

Help Hear at Home

Our support site providing donors with details and updates of our gospel partnership campaign to help more churches to “go” share Christ together so that others can hear His Good News here at home.